Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sariah's Birthday

We celebrated Sariah's birthday on Saturday. Here she is with the only birthday present worth taking a picture of. O.K. I may be a bit biased there.
After the presents we had cake. Sariah decide she wanted ice cream cake, but a bit differently than I've previously made. She was so excited about the cake that she invited a friend over. Here we are with Lance cutting the cake.
A slice of cake - described from left to right. Blueberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, gluten-free "blondie", strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, gluten-free brownie, blackberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and gluten-free "blondie". The cake was frosted with whipping cream to which I added some hot chocolate mix.
I must admit that it was so filling that most of us couldn't finish a slice at one sitting. It was funny to look in the feezer to see all these plates of left over cake.


  1. mmm....that cake was good!!!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful! I was wondering if I could buy one of the hats that you make. Let me know!

  3. I love Sariah's hat! Do you share patterns?

  4. Michelle, I got this pattern from a book at the library - Itty-Bitty Hats, by Susan B. Anderson. My guage was a bit big so it fit an adult.