Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fishy Tawashi

I am slow at posting, maybe because I went through a bit of a knitting lull. Here are July's mid-month dishcloth KAL. It was supposed to be knitted in acrylic yarn. Well my dishcloth stash is cotton, so I knitted this in cotton. The eye is done using the crochet method.
After seeing what I was knitting, I remembered a book I used to read to the kids, Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. I decided my next fishy needed to be blue and green. I also made a change in this fishy. I knitted this with a smaller needles (size 8) and CO 20 st. It turned out slightly bigger, but I like the closer knit.
Two fishies swimming in the sea.


  1. Those would be so fun as kids bath cloths! I want some :)

  2. Those are so cute!!!!! You could defenently make those into finger puppets

  3. What pattern are these made from? they are THE cutest things..I'd love to make some for my girls...