Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Mid-Month KAL

I was hoping for a name for this cloth before I blogged about it, but so far no name as been given to us. I need to make a quick disclaimer - I don't usually block my dishcloths before I take pictures or use them. I figure that they are to be used to work and don't need to be shaped.
I did get carried away with this dishcloth and made four different cloths. This tea rose colored one is as the pattern reads.
I found that I didn't care for the last row of eyelet hole at the very top before the border. I decided I wanted it a bit more symmetrical, so for the purple one I omitted row 56.
As I finished the purple one, I realized that it wasn't symmetrical from left to right. So I decided to try another cloth - the yellow one. For this cloth, I cast on 41 stitches and changed the eyelet rows by adding a K1 before I started the yo, k2tog repeats. This centered the eyelets much better. I also omitted row 56.
Then of course, I decided to try one other experiment. The previous cloths had the eyelets in vertical rows, so I changed this last cloth to alternate the holes. I did this one by following the pattern that I changed for the yellow cloth. Then I alternated the eyelet rows by reading it forward the first time (row 8), then backwards, right to left, the next time (row 12), back and forth.

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