Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shamrock Cloths


I thought I’d share a few shamrock cloths that I’ve knit in time for you to knit one or all before St. Patrick’s day.


The first one is Lacy 4 Leaf Clover Dishcloth By Rachel van Schie, found here.


The next one is Knitted Shamrock Cloth by Rhonda White, found here.


This last one is a St. Patrick's Day Cloth by Kris Knits, found here.

I found another fun shamrock cloth that I’d like to try to make before Saturday.  It's the Tipsy Triangles Shamrock Cloth, found here, if you’d like to knit one up, too.

I’m working on a baby hat for a baby shower this Saturday, so that’s my top priority.  If I get it done on time, I’ll be making this Tipsy Triangles Shamrock Cloth for St. Patrick’s day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poppy Beanies

I have meant to sit down for some time and share the projects that I have made for Christmas gifts.  I decided to make this easier on me and you by showing each project in a separate post.


I made two poppy beanies for gifts this year.  The pattern is free with sign up for Knitting Daily and can be found here.  The pattern is to be knit flat and sewn together, but I modified mine to be knit in the round.  I don’t like stitching if I don’t have to.


If you are interested in knitting it in the round you can follow my notes in ravelry found here.

Because I knit stripes in the round I used the jogless stripes technique.  You can find several sites or youtube videos that explain jogless stripes.  I used the technique described here.  I think the stripes lined up quite well.


In January I also made another Poppy Beanie, but this time it was the solid version.


I’m thinking that I need to add a pink ribbon to the eyelet row to finish off this hat.