Sunday, July 26, 2009


My sister was here visiting this week! I finally got pictures of her baby with the hats that I'd been working on.
Here is a hat with my own pattern - eventually I'll figure out how to put it in PDF and share it. The Crochet Irish Rose is from Lion Brand patterns found here:
I love the big flower on Maya!

Here's a front view of a wool winter hat - same hat I pattern I used for Lori's twins -
And a moving back view with shadows and all.

I talked James into posing with Maya for this last picture. He is wearing the first attempt at Maya's hat, but it was too big. I'm going to give it to Sariah for her birthday this week. This is certainly a silly picture. Maya had had enough of posing in hot hat in this heat and was squirming around - hence the toes.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Evening Projects

Thought I'd post pictures of the projects that I have been working on in the evenings this past week. I did a couple of circular dishcloths and then tried out the feather and fan stitch, which I'd never done before.

I really want to post pictures of the hats I finished the previous week while on vacation. But I'm hoping for my niece Maya to model them for me when she gets here next week. Patience isn't always my virtue.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beach Umbrella

I have just finished the July dishcloth KAL. I spent my whole knitting experience trying to guess what in the world I was knitting. This purple one was my first beach umbrella dishcloth. Because I'm a left-handed knitter, my umbrella leaned to the left as opposed to the pattern which leans to the right.
Last night I made the green one and knitted it reading the pattern from right to left. Sometimes that can be a trick!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Bird

Since we were out of town last week, I've missed this baby bird growing up. James was able to get a few pictures.

The kids saw the birdie on Saturday morning, but the nest is now empty. I'm hoping that everything is o.k. My mom said that a hawk flew in among the trees several days ago. There were about 4 birds flying around the hawk trying to distract if from the nest(s?).