Saturday, August 29, 2009

August Mid-Month KAL

I was hoping for a name for this cloth before I blogged about it, but so far no name as been given to us. I need to make a quick disclaimer - I don't usually block my dishcloths before I take pictures or use them. I figure that they are to be used to work and don't need to be shaped.
I did get carried away with this dishcloth and made four different cloths. This tea rose colored one is as the pattern reads.
I found that I didn't care for the last row of eyelet hole at the very top before the border. I decided I wanted it a bit more symmetrical, so for the purple one I omitted row 56.
As I finished the purple one, I realized that it wasn't symmetrical from left to right. So I decided to try another cloth - the yellow one. For this cloth, I cast on 41 stitches and changed the eyelet rows by adding a K1 before I started the yo, k2tog repeats. This centered the eyelets much better. I also omitted row 56.
Then of course, I decided to try one other experiment. The previous cloths had the eyelets in vertical rows, so I changed this last cloth to alternate the holes. I did this one by following the pattern that I changed for the yellow cloth. Then I alternated the eyelet rows by reading it forward the first time (row 8), then backwards, right to left, the next time (row 12), back and forth.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

August Dishcloths

I finished the August KAL just in time to start the August mid-month KAL. I struggled with this cloth. I had it almost done (11 rows to the end) when I realized I couldn't make out the flower or the words. So I ripped it out and started over using needles 2 sizes smaller.
After finishing the thank you cloth, I decided I wanted to make an August themed dishcloth as my second cloth. So I went back into the files and found this lighthouse from 2006. This reminds me of August and summer because I love going to the beach this time of year.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Amber's Show Is Tonight

Amber and her team were in today's paper. Make sure to look at the slide show. In picture #1 - she's front and center, #2 - she's far left, #3 she's harder to be seen - 4 girls are around pool, 2 are diving in, she's still waiting her turn to dive, closest to the house, #4 - she's at 10:30, and I don't believe she's in #5.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

School of Fishies Bath Cloths

I know that I already posted pictures of the fishy Tawashi, but I made some more of these last night. Heidi, I liked your idea of using these as kids' bath cloths. So, I'm sending these to Aimee, Betty, and Katie from their Auntie Miriam. Grandma and Grandpa will deliver them this weekend. Enjoy!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Shower Gift

I had a baby shower to attend this morning, so last night I picked out some yarn and cast on this little hat. The previous hats that I have made with this pattern have used bulky yarn, and I've been able to whip them up in about 3 hours. So, I figured I'd be able to just whip out this hat last night. Well this wasn't a quicky. I used kitchen cotton yarn, so I had to make adjustments to the pattern which was fun to figure out. Anyway this ended up taking me about 9 hours to finish. I took the picture before I had sewn in all the yarn ends as I was running out the door. Then on the way to the shower, I sewed in the ends - good thing Mom was driving.

I striped this hat using the fibonacci series. Lots of fun for this mathematician!!!
Love the toilet paper roll poking out under the hat! Needed something to keep the hat in shape for the photo shoot.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fishy Tawashi

I am slow at posting, maybe because I went through a bit of a knitting lull. Here are July's mid-month dishcloth KAL. It was supposed to be knitted in acrylic yarn. Well my dishcloth stash is cotton, so I knitted this in cotton. The eye is done using the crochet method.
After seeing what I was knitting, I remembered a book I used to read to the kids, Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister. I decided my next fishy needed to be blue and green. I also made a change in this fishy. I knitted this with a smaller needles (size 8) and CO 20 st. It turned out slightly bigger, but I like the closer knit.
Two fishies swimming in the sea.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sariah's Birthday

We celebrated Sariah's birthday on Saturday. Here she is with the only birthday present worth taking a picture of. O.K. I may be a bit biased there.
After the presents we had cake. Sariah decide she wanted ice cream cake, but a bit differently than I've previously made. She was so excited about the cake that she invited a friend over. Here we are with Lance cutting the cake.
A slice of cake - described from left to right. Blueberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, gluten-free "blondie", strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, gluten-free brownie, blackberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and gluten-free "blondie". The cake was frosted with whipping cream to which I added some hot chocolate mix.
I must admit that it was so filling that most of us couldn't finish a slice at one sitting. It was funny to look in the feezer to see all these plates of left over cake.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Circular Dishcloths

I gave up the computer last week for air conditioning and have since fallen behind in posting. Here are some dishcloths that I sent home with my sister, Lydia, to give to my sister, Beth.
I've decided I don't like black in the bright sun, but don't have the cloth to retake the picture.

Here they are all together. The black is a better color, but the stitches aren't as clear. I guess I gave up one for the other.