Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last night I finished my three week class on making socks on two circular needles! I am so excited to be learning to knit socks. As I have neared the end of this, I realized that the sock is a bit loose. All my shoes are tight, so I'm going to try to make the sock over again (again). In class last night the teacher let me use the store's size 1 needles and I think that it's a better gauge. I guess I'll be waiting for my birthday before I'll be able to redo the socks. Can you guess what's on my birthday list? Anyway, I thought I'd show a picture of the sock before I rip it out.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Plethora of Emotions

We have had quite the roller coaster of emotions and events the past several days.

Sariah was called to be Education Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency a couple of weeks ago. She has felt very overwhelmed and has had feelings of inadequacy. Luckily she has a very wise bishop who has told her many wonderful things to help her realize that this is where she needs to be.

Bryce went to school on Thursday and found out that one of his friends had committed suicide. They didn't hang out with the same group of friends, but they had most of their classes together. Bryce and Kyle sat next to each other in their classes, so Bryce got to know him a bit. Bryce has taken this pretty hard. Our thoughts and prayers have gone out to Kyle's parents and family at this time.

On Saturday the youth had a temple trip and Amber was able to attend for her first time. She has been looking forward to this for a very long time. It has been hard to watch all of her older siblings grow up and have to wait such a long time for her turn. Amber had a very wonderful time and wants to go at least once a month.

Saturday evening was Churchill's Prom. James had a friend from school ask if he would take her to the Prom. It was fun to watch him plan and prepare this week. Here are a couple of pictures of the two of them.
Putting on the corsage -

A nice couple pose -
Sunday we had changes in our ward's bishopric. Lance was called to be second counselor in the bishopric. He has felt very nervous about this calling even though he served 9 years in the Oakridge Branch Presidency. He joked Saturday evening that our new bishop was probably sleeping like a baby - waking every 10 minutes and crying. Well, I have to say that I believe that was the way that Lance slept on Sunday night. I think it really hit him last night.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Showers

I'm sure I'm going to bore everyone to tears with all my dishcloths, but that's just what I do and seem to want to do right now. I guess part of it is the ability to finish a project within a short amount of time. I also just really enjoy the monthly KAL because I never know what the result will be as I get only a few rows of pattern per day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cloth of the Week April 10th

Here's my latest finished dishcloth titled Double Delight. I used a self-striping yarn, which was kind of fun to use.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday, Amber!

Today's Amber's birthday. Here she is posing next to a few presents.
She really wanted elephant poo poo paper. The paper is made from cleaned elephant poop. A portion of the money for this goes to the welfare and conservation efforts for endangered elephants. They are number 1 at number 2.
Here's a present from Bryce and Sariah, hand decorated by both of them.
It was filled with hand-me-downs from Sariah: sunglasses, perfume, and hot sauce from taco bell.
Yum, yum. Nothing beats birthday cake. Gluten-free brownie ice cream cake.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you's

I have seven wonderful women that helped make our Relief Society Birthday Party a big success. I have decided to thank them by knitting each a dishcloth. I finally finished them tonight and thought I'd bring them to church tomorrow.
I really like this one. I like the way the green makes the center.
I kind of developed the pattern of the dishcloth in the picture below by mixing the ideas of the dishcloth in the picture above and the dishcloth blogged about on April 1st.
Here they are all together.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What could be more fun...

than having your sister visit? Lydia and her kids came to visit this week. Ethan wanted to come and make sure Grandma was O.K.
Lydia and I spent two whole days thrift store shopping. We had all the kids with us the second day. Here's what I thought were all of our finds, but after Lydia packed I found another bag of clothes and shoes. Lydia kept finding all sorts of great shoes - Cole Haan, Clarks, Born, Josef Seibel. I was oblivious, or should we just say uneducated. I was pleased to find a few Ann Taylor skirts, a Talbots cardigan and a Coldwater Creek jacket. We did Amber's birthday shopping there also. As Lydia started packing, Maya had to get in on the action.

Here's a couple shots of the kids playing checkers. Or at least trying, it's hard when you get help from a little one.

Last night Lydia and I had to make the kids that were at home pose for us. You can tell some of them were so excited ~ not!

Boy, Bryce is sure tall! Amber is 5' 4-1/2".

Monday, April 6, 2009


I know that I should be working by putting books on the bookshelf, but I've been knitting. I have been having so much fun!! Twelve days ago I joined a monthly dishcloth knit-a-long. On the first of the month we are given about 8 rows of pattern without knowing what it will look like. For the next 5 days more rows of the pattern are sent. I guess that they do the same in the middle of the month also. I just finished April's dishcloth. I knitted the green and white one first and as soon as I saw what was happening, I did the spring colored one also. I had seen pictures of illusion knitting before but thought it would be too hard to do. This was a lot of fun!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Library Bookshelves - Update

I should have updated this earlier. My dad had the bookshelves ready to put books in at the beginning of the week. He didn't want the joints to show so he made beautiful buttons to cover the joints. These have been made with cocobolo, which is a tropical wood from Central America.
I will post more pictures when the bookshelves are filled.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This weekend I finished my red and blue dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL.
I also did one in peppercorn ombre and then tried another changing the stockinette stitch to seed stitch.