Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Shower Gift

I had a baby shower to attend this morning, so last night I picked out some yarn and cast on this little hat. The previous hats that I have made with this pattern have used bulky yarn, and I've been able to whip them up in about 3 hours. So, I figured I'd be able to just whip out this hat last night. Well this wasn't a quicky. I used kitchen cotton yarn, so I had to make adjustments to the pattern which was fun to figure out. Anyway this ended up taking me about 9 hours to finish. I took the picture before I had sewn in all the yarn ends as I was running out the door. Then on the way to the shower, I sewed in the ends - good thing Mom was driving.

I striped this hat using the fibonacci series. Lots of fun for this mathematician!!!
Love the toilet paper roll poking out under the hat! Needed something to keep the hat in shape for the photo shoot.


  1. I love that hat. I need one for Sawyer! Please come and visit and stay with us for a few days and teach me how to make all this great stuff. Its the only way I'll learn, you just have to come spend sometime here, please!

  2. Great idea using the Fibonacci Sequence for the stripe pattern! I loved the stripe pattern when I first saw this hat, and now I know why (fellow math person.) Thanks for sharing your creative genius!