Friday, January 8, 2010


Well we’re barely a week into this new year and I’ve already broken my 3rd goal for 2010.

To try to use more of my yarn stash instead of buying yarn. 

I went with my mother to Ben Franklin Craft Store – those of you who really know me would see that this was the first step in breaking my goal.  We actually went for a jewelry trip, but I always have to check the yarns.  I have been waiting for them to get the Sugar ‘n Cream Warm Brown yarn in because I’m in the middle of a hat and ran out.  I was so proud of myself because as I roamed the yarn aisles, nothing jumped out at me saying I needed it now.  We bought our jewelry needs and left the store, but then I saw the clearance yarns.  Oh, just let me look for a minute!

Here’s what I found – Fiamma, made in Vergnasco, Italy.

yarn 005

and in this color -

yarn 003

and in this color.  Also notice the change in bulk of the yarn.

yarn 015

I was pulled in because of the price.  These were on clearance for $2 a ball.  Who could turn that down?!   When I got home, I was even more pleased because I discovered that these originally sold for $18 a ball.  Boy, did I get a deal.  

I bought 14 balls of yarn worth $252 for $28!!

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