Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday, Amber!

Today's Amber's birthday. Here she is posing next to a few presents.
She really wanted elephant poo poo paper. The paper is made from cleaned elephant poop. A portion of the money for this goes to the welfare and conservation efforts for endangered elephants. They are number 1 at number 2.
Here's a present from Bryce and Sariah, hand decorated by both of them.
It was filled with hand-me-downs from Sariah: sunglasses, perfume, and hot sauce from taco bell.
Yum, yum. Nothing beats birthday cake. Gluten-free brownie ice cream cake.


  1. HAPPY LATE B-DAY AMBER! I can totally remember my 12th birthday! I even remember this sweet necklace Grandma Bacon gave me...it looked like a bunch of gold pieces melted together...it's too hard to explain, but it was very "special". And I also remember when your mom told me that your middle name would be Rachelle! I can't think of anyone else that I would would want to share my name with!

    p.s. Good job on the poo poo paper! I would have totally asked for that too!

  2. This is Amber. Thank-you so much Rachelle 4 saying that =). It makes me feel so special. lol, i thought the elephant poo poo paper would be cool =D.

    p.s. The cake was delecious! Thanks Mom!

  3. Oh, Happy birthday, Amber! We miss you so much and wish we could have been there.