Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Shower Tonight

I've got a baby shower to attend tonight, so guess what I've been doing all week. Actually I bought the yarn on Tuesday, and cast on the pink one that night. The pink yarn is merino wool, microfiber, and cashmere. I have ripped out this little hat twice and back tracked many rows several times. I am disappointed in my work on this one and would like to try it again. Luckily I have just enough yarn to make one more, but not before tonight.
This pattern is becoming my old faithful. I like that it works up quickly in a bulky yarn. I absolutely love this yarn. It's 100% baby alpaca - just delicious!


  1. The feather and fan baby hat is quie beautiful!
    Where did you get the pattern?

    Happy knitting,

  2. This pattern is Vine Lace Baby Hat from