Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finished May's Monthly Dishcloth KAL.
Sariah hates the bobble; but I learned something new, so I think it's o.k. I do understand her point, I'm not real big on bobbles all over a sweater, but who knows maybe some day I'll make one and then like it.


  1. In my defense, the picture doesn't do the bobble justice, it pokes out about an inch, making it very strange and highly unuseful for a dishcloth. But hey, now you know how to knit a bobble.

  2. Ah. My silly fashion expert sister. You are really silly. It is a new thing she learned. And it is just a dishcloth. I love you guys.

  3. Ok, maybe the picture doesn't do it justice, but I was just thinking the bobble may be handy to get things out of odd Maybe now that you know how, you can figure out how to make a smaller bobble just to make Sariah happy :)