Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let it Snow!

This really should have been a January or February entry, but alas it’s now almost the end of March.
Usually Eugene gets a dusting of snow at least once a year; sometimes we are lucky to even get a few inches - but not this year.  For the past three months I’ve been knitting the only snow I’ve seen this year. 
The snowflakes -
January 010
march misc 086
January 2010 016
January 2010 012
January 2010 028
The snowmen – this was a KAL through Kris Knits blog starting here
march misc 087
These last snowmen are my patterns which I will post over the next few weeks -
Snowman -
march misc 071
Snowman in Grandma’s Favorite -
march misc 084
Frosty Jr. -
march misc 063
and Frosty -
march misc 069

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  1. Do you share the patterns that you have posted I really like the 1st ssnowflake and the 1st snowman that you dd