Sunday, July 26, 2009


My sister was here visiting this week! I finally got pictures of her baby with the hats that I'd been working on.
Here is a hat with my own pattern - eventually I'll figure out how to put it in PDF and share it. The Crochet Irish Rose is from Lion Brand patterns found here:
I love the big flower on Maya!

Here's a front view of a wool winter hat - same hat I pattern I used for Lori's twins -
And a moving back view with shadows and all.

I talked James into posing with Maya for this last picture. He is wearing the first attempt at Maya's hat, but it was too big. I'm going to give it to Sariah for her birthday this week. This is certainly a silly picture. Maya had had enough of posing in hot hat in this heat and was squirming around - hence the toes.


  1. Miriam, I am so glad I found your blog! I love your hats!! They are fabulous! I especially love that first one maya is wearing, I love the huge flower! When we come up to visit you are going to have to teach me some basic skills!

  2. We love the beautiful hats that you made for Maya and can't wait for the cooler weather so she can wear them. Thank you again!