Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My niece Avarie

While in Portland this weekend, we got to visit with family. One of my
highlights was being able to have my niece Avarie over.
Avarie has been diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). She did not respond to the chemo she received in the first month and so she is in the Extremely High Risk category of Leukemia. She is currently preparing for a bone marrow transplant this June.
When Avarie came over she wore one of the hats Aunt Miriam had made for her. I asked her if she would let me take a picture of the two of us while she was wearing the hat.
Avarie is having a hard time with this past batch of chemo. It makes her nerves feel weird. She had been very fussy, but I caught her being silly that evening. I took a picture of her playing with the Easter bunny ears.


  1. Your niece is darling, I'll keep her in my prayers. My son is a cancer survivor, so miracles do happen.

  2. Janet, thank you. I know prayers really help. When I had my cancer, I could feel the strength of others' prayers.